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Having spent over two decades in the IT industry, both of us, the partners, made a significant decision to move into AV industry. And, first question we answer to anyone who knows us is, how come you moved into such an industry and our answer is just one word – Passion!

We haven’t moved away from technology but moved into a different segment. Our technical background does play a vital role in understanding the technicalities and doing programming for home automation. Hey, we are Control4 Certified Professionals!

We are the new kid in the AV industry but not new to AV 🙂 Having done informal consulting for our friends in choosing the high-end stereo and theatre setup, their encouragement brought us here.

Decided on the brands for the home theatre portfolio and started engaging with them. We directly deal with XTZ and Monoprice brands to import goods and for others we deal with our Indian distributors.

Well, we are very happy that we received a warm welcome and wonderful support from them and here we are, up and running, doing consulting and setting up home theatres for our clients. We have also hooked up with Amazon and Snapdeal to sell home theatre accessories. Take a peek!

We follow a standard approach before deciding on the final home theatre solution. Consulting plays a key role and we ask a lot of questions (!), do layout study and site visit, explain the technicalities before coming up with a commercial proposal. Of course, it takes 2-3 iterations to finalise the option based on the final determining factor – COST!

It is pretty exciting and interesting working with a different kind of technology and we are looking forward to fantastic times ahead…

Through this blog, we intend to share tips, know-hows in setting up the home theatres with some technical details and experiences (mostly challenges!) in doing the same at various client installations.

Happy reading and please do share about us with your friends and relatives 🙂


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