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Headphone Divine


Headphone Divine is the ultimate wireless headphone, integrating cutting-edge technologies for a unique and incredibly dynamic listening experience. Tapping the power of Digital Sound Processing (DSP) and Bluetooth functionality, you can experience your music the way you want to hear it without the hassle of wires.Imagine great headphone sound. Now, imagine great headphone sound optimized by the power of DSP. Headphone Divine offers DSP technology from Dirac, the most advanced DSP on the planet. An easy-to-use interface on the included XTZ Player App allows you to control five different DSP listening modes, creating the perfect balance of treble and bass. Your music has never sounded this good.

A (R)evolution of the headphone developed from the latest research in DSP technology, DSP sound optimization, including an algorithm for both frequency and impulse response. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology with an aptX® Codec means no cables and no chaos (a 3.5mm by-pass cable is included). Using “Near Field Communication”, you can pair your headphones without hassle. The built-in microphone can work as a headset. Its large battery provides 14 hours of continuous playback at full volume. The Headphone Divine works with all Bluetooth devices, including smartphones, tablets, Windows and OS/X computers. It has a lightweight (170 g) and rigid construction and uses a 40 mm Neodymium high quality driver in a closed construction.


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