Tangent Spectrum XSW8

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After the success of the first Spectrum speakers, Tangent decided to complete the range and now offers 3 new models : column speakers, a center speaker, and a subwoofer.  Enjoying the same quality of manufacturing and finishing than their predecessors, these new speakers allow you to create a beautiful 5.1 system. The sound of the Spectrum XSW-8 is powerful, faithfully reproduced by a 200 mm boomer. Complete your system with Spectrum center speaker X6 and Spectrum center speaker XC and create a remarkable sound experience.

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Driver size:                                 8 Inches
Built-in amplifier:                     90W
Frequency response (±3dB):  31 Hz – 250 Hz
System:                                       1 voie bass-reflex
Settings:                                      Crossover, Level, Phase
Phase:                                          0° / 180°
Input:                                          RCA line, Stereo
Colours                                        Black Satin, White Satin

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 27 × 28 cm


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