Tangent Spectrum XC

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The sound of the Spectrum XC is accurate, faithfully reproduced by two 100 mm woofer speakers and a 25 mm dome fabric tweeter. Complete your system with Spectrum X4/X5 speakers for the front and surrounds, Spectrum subwoofer XSW-8 and create a remarkable sound experience.

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Tangent’s Spectrum range delivers affordable hi-fi and home theater speakers with Danish-inspired design and high-end audio quality. Featuring the latest technology drive units, including a wide dispersion tweeter and long throw bass drivers, these speakers offer superior performance in compact enclosures. The sleek, solid enclosures come in midnight black or polar white finishes with walnut base plinths for a modern look. The Spectrum XC center speaker provides unmatched dialogue accuracy and dynamics with its 2-way bass-reflex design. Complete your system with Spectrum X6 front speakers, X4 surround speakers, and XSW-8 Subwoofer for the ultimate multi-channel experience.

Tangent’s range features cutting-edge drive units, including a 25mm soft fabric dome tweeter and a choice of 110mm or 130mm long throw paper coned bass drivers. The speakers boast Danish design with solid construction to minimize coloration and resonance. Available in midnight black or polar white finishes, with integrated mesh grilles for protection, and walnut base plinths for a stylish touch.

Tangent’s Spectrum Centre speaker offers unmatched dialogue accuracy with its 2-way design and dual bass/mid drivers. Complete your system with Spectrum X6 front speakers, X4 surrounds, and XSW-8 Subwoofer for ultimate multi-channel immersion.

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 19.8 × 39.5 × 16 cm



Speaker Units2 x 4'' woofer and midrange / 1'' tweeter
System2-ways closed cabinet
Sensitivity88 dB
Frequency55Hz - 20 000Hz
Impedance6 Ω
PowerUp to 150 watt
Weight5.5 / 6.2 kg
Product Dimensions395 x 160 x 198 mm
Carton Size465 x 240 x 270 mm
Speaker Usage Center
Speaker TypePassive
Brand Tangent


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