Monoprice Monolith Speaker Cable with Banana Plugs

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Monolithâ„¢ 14AWG Speaker Wire terminated with banana plugs has been engineered to bring dynamic, true sound that is accurate to the source. Separate insulated bass conductors eliminate undesirable interactions between the low frequencies and highs/mids of the signal. The low frequencies are concentrated into the center of the cable due to the “skin effect” and surrounding it are 6 separate polyethylene insulated conductor groups for the mids and highs. Polyethylene is a lower loss dielectric material than the typical PVC and provides more detailed and transparent sound. This stranding design was selected to give the most accurate tonal balance, based on many years of listening tests and cable design experience.

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  • Separate center oxygen-free copper bass conductor with 6 arrays of mid-high frequency Conductors
  • Multi-gauge, 14AWG overall
  • Foamed polyurethane insulated bass conductor
  • Optimum stranded oxygen-free copper conductors provide mid/high frequency definition
  • Silver content solder joints
  • Precision machined die cast connectors for maximum durability
  • 24K gold-plated banana plugs for best electrical contact
  • Nylon braided jacket for easy tangle-free handling


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