Monoprice Amber 6.5″ In-Ceiling

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Discover a level of audio only experienced by those with a “high-end” budget for sound. Feel sound so true you do not hear a sound system, you are simply in the moment. Feel like you are at the concert of your favorite band or like you are in the middle of a scene from a movie with dialog so clear you feel like the actor is speaking to you.

In-ceiling speakers are the ideal combination of sound quality and styling. Rather than cluttering the room with large box speakers trailing speaker wires, the speakers are virtually invisible, while filling the room with high fidelity audio. Featuring a removable and paintable grille, this 2-way speaker uses a carbon fiber woofer cone with rubber surround for deep, impactful bass, and a ribbon tweeter for sweeter and smoother high frequencies.

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Indulge in premium audio quality with the Amber Series In-Wall and Ceiling Mounted Speakers. Featuring Ribbon Tweeters and Carbon Fiber Drivers for distortion-free sound, alongside a High Frequency Attenuator for customized audio, these speakers deliver an immersive experience. With a Magnetic Grille for seamless integration and virtually invisible installation, the Amber Series enhances your listening environment with high-fidelity sound. Elevate your home audio system with Amber Series speakers and enjoy an unparalleled audio experience.

Ribbon Tweeter:

Discover the exceptional clarity of Ribbon Tweeters, known for their precise response to musical nuances with minimal distortion. With 90% less excursion than dome tweeters, Ribbon Tweeters offer high acceleration and wide dispersion, expanding the audio “sweet spot” for an immersive listening experience. Experience unparalleled sound quality with Ribbon Tweeters, available in select high-fidelity audio products.

Carbon Fiber Drivers:

Experience the precision of Carbon Fiber Drivers, renowned for their lightweight construction and rigidity, enabling quick response to musical nuances. With improved accuracy and a flat frequency response, Carbon Fiber Drivers deliver deep, impactful bass and articulate mids without distortion. Elevate your audio experience with Carbon Fiber Drivers, available in premium speaker systems.


  24431 24432 24433 24434 24435
Model 24431 24432 24433 24434 24435
Type Dual 5.25" In‑Wall Center 6.5" In‑Wall 8" In‑Wall 6.5" In‑Ceiling 8" In‑Ceiling
Impedance 8Ω 8Ω 8Ω 8Ω 8Ω
Frequency Response 63Hz ~ 20kHz 54Hz ~ 20kHz 43Hz ~ 20kHz 56Hz ~ 20kHz 42Hz ~ 20kHz
Power Handling 60W RMS
120W Max.
120W Max.
160W Max.
120W Max.
160W Max.
Woofer 5.25" Carbon Fiber w/ 15.4 oz. Magnet and Rubber Surround 6.5" Carbon Fiber w/ 16.5 oz. Magnet and Rubber Surround 8" Carbon Fiber w/ 30 oz. Magnet and Rubber Surround 6.5" Carbon Fiber w/ 22 oz. Magnet and Rubber Surround 8" Carbon Fiber w/ 30 oz. Magnet and Rubber Surround
Midrange Speaker 3" Carbon Fiber N/A N/A N/A N/A
Tweeter 4.5" x 3.1"
(115 x 80 mm)
4.5" x 3.1"
(115 x 80 mm)
4.5" x 3.1"
(115 x 80 mm)
1" x 1" 1" x 1"
Sensitivity 86dB 88dB 89dB 88dB 89dB
Fs 64.450 Hz 56.421 Hz 43.946 Hz 55.381 Hz 50.849 Hz
Re 14.8 ohms 7.2 ohms 7.2 ohms 7.2 ohms 7.2 ohms
Qts 0.505 0.578 0.505 0.303 0.523
Vas 4.985 liters 14.793 liters 38.826 liters 17.677 liters 34.154 liters
Cms 468.203 µm/N 609.820 µm/N 598.050 µm/N 625.882 µm/N 526.093 µm/N
BL 11.870 T 7.193 T 8.789 T 9.973 T 8.729 T
EBP 119.87 86.27 77.92 166.81 90.47
Xmax 4.1mm 2.5mm 3mm 2.5mm 3mm
SD 8.659 cm2 13.070 cm2 21.382 cm2 14.103 cm2 21.382 cm2
Cut‑Out Dimensions 9.37" x 14.14"
(238 x 359 mm)
7.34" x 10.73"
(186 x 273 mm)
8.80" x 12.82"
(224 x 326 mm)
(ø220 mm)
(ø271 mm)
Overall Dimensions 10.8" x 15.6" x 3.4"
(275 x 397 x 85 mm)
8.7" x 12.1" x 3.1"
(222 x 308 x 78 mm)
10.2" x 14.2" x 3.8"
(258 x 361 x 96 mm)
ø10.1" x 3.7"
(ø257 x 94 mm)
ø12.1" x 4.2"
(ø308 x 107 mm)
Mounting Depth 3.4" (85 mm) 3.1" (78 mm) 3.8" (95.5 mm) 3.5" (90 mm) 3.9" (100 mm)


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