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IOTAVX PA3 Stereo Power Amplifier

– 1 x Pre-Amplifier Output (copy of input)
-1 x Amplifier Input
-1 x Trigger Input
-Single ended, Stereo Output of 45W @ 8Ώ
– Bridged-Mono Output of 100W @ 8Ώ,
-THD %, 8 Ohms, 20Hz-20kHz @ <0.07%
-20Hz-100kHz Frequency response
-High Quality Pre-amplifier circuit
-Solid state Amplification

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The IOTAVX PA3 is a powerful stereo power amp that uses Class AB amplification technology. The generously dimensioned toroidal transformer provides the power amp with more than enough power at all times, so even difficult music passages can be reproduced absolutely naturally with maximum dynamics. At 4 ohms, the PA3 provides 90W per channel in stereo mode. If more power is required, the power amp can also be used in mono mode (bridged). In this case, 180W are available for one channel. However, it is not just the pure performance data that characterizes this power amplifier. The specially developed amplifier circuit ensures excellent efficiency of the AB amplifier technology as well as a more precise reproduction with minimized distortion. Another special feature of the stereo power amplifier is the preamp outputs, with which the signal can be passed on to another amplifier as needed. In addition, the PA3 provides trigger and dimmer inputs and outputs so that the device can be synchronized with your other devices with regard to the turn-on and turn-off behaviour as well as the illumination intensity. Quality promise Not only does the IOTAVX PA3 sound fantastic, but we also manufacture it with a heavy steel case and high-quality components. This will ensure that you can enjoy your IOTAVX PA3 for a long time.


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