AcousticPortrait Swara 2Ch Power Amplifier

48,900 inc. GST

Audiophile 2 Channel Power amplifier
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 33.5 × 34 × 9.5 cm
Power 90 watts/channel @ 8Ω , 140 watts/channel @ 4Ω
Input Impedance 26kΩ
Frequency Response 20Hz-22kHz, +/- 3dB
THD < 0.005%

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Acoustic Portrait Swara Power amplifiers are designed and made in India. It is a high current design with ample headroom to perform well with any modern loudspeakers. Swara power amplifier is a very high-quality power amplifier based on our successful Swara Integrated amplifier. In accordance with our design philosophy, we design the power amplifier to deliver real acoustic performance, as intended by the artist and recording engineer. In combination with the Swara Tube Preamplifier, this power amp will deliver spectacular sonic experience, despite the relatively low price compared to our competition. They rate the amplifier at a modest 90 Watts per channel and it can drive difficult speakers with ease. The build aspects include dual-mono construction with a dedicated power supply per channel, high-quality components imported from reliable vendors and careful measurements.


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