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Home automation includes control of whole house lighting, air conditioning/HVAC, appliances, Digital locks, security systems etc  to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.

home automation controller

Household these days have many gadgets – TV, Set-top box, DVD Player, Amplifier/Receiver, Media Player, Security Cameras, Sensors and so on. Automation refers to integrating all these devices with the help of a controller and program it to perform various actions according to our specific needs.

We are Control4 Certified professionals and we should be able to work out a feasible solution based on your home automation needs.

Home theatre@2x

Listening to music or watching a movie requires us to use multiple remotes and performing various actions not just related to audio and video but also on the comfort side like lightings and air conditioners.

Lights and sensors@2x

Automation of lighting includes sensor and motion sensor based controls for switching on and off and also to mood based lighting scenes. All these can be programmed with the help of a controller and healthy wired/wireless networking.

Security and sensors@2x

Security requires monitoring our household 24X7, anytime, anywhere. Abnormal activities can be alerted through automation for immediate actions/response.

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