Budget Constraints?

• Build your Theater slowly. First buy the Receiver, front stereo speakers and a decent speaker cable made of pure copper. Connect your set top box and a USB drive with your favorite music collection to the receiver and start enjoying the movies & music. It would be much better than any LCD/LED TV speakers and many sound bars.
• Then whenever you have money to spare buy the following in the order mentioned and add to enhance your theater experience
• Center Speaker / Blu-ray player – Most of the movie dialogue come from center speaker. It has to be a matching speaker (Preferably the same brand and in the same model line-up) to your front stereo pairs. It sits below or above your screen angled towards listening position.
• Sub woofer – This is the bass speaker and plays the low frequency sound below 80hz. Without this the bomb blast would sound like a loud fart! , and the Helicopter whirring behind you in a scene would sound like an ancient ceiling fan!
• Surround speakers – With these speakers added, we get the best surround experience i.e. Helicopter would not just be whirring in front of you but also travel towards your back or vice versa. Yes, you are asking the right question! After all, how many times do you think the same helicopter or car will be zooming past you in a movie? You are absolutely right, so invest wisely on these speakers. What if you saved more cash / got a big bonus and don’t want to spend on any other gadget? Then buy speakers better than your front speakers and make your existing front speakers do the surround service for you. Know that there are specific speakers (like bi-pole, di-pole and tri-pole. Huh! Are they same soap but in a new cover? No, they are advanced technology to make you buy and confuse the hell out of your better-half? More on the speaker types and technology later!)
• Surround Back / Height speakers – This is similar to the surround speakers and with this the Helicopter will not just move behind you but also above you and yes ask the same question you asked for surround speakers.
• Projector and Screen – Watching a movie, cricket/football match in a large screen is visually stunning than to watch the same in 21 to 50inch TV. Projection screen starts at 90+ inches and they add a new dimension the Home Theater experience.

• Be aware that there are newer sound formats that keep coming like Windows / MAC OS versions once in few years and may force you to replace your Receiver and the Blu-ray player and also make you buy extra ceiling / height speakers. Take your own time and check it out to see if it is really worth your money and suite your taste. After all hearing is a sense like taste and the live demo of new formats may not excite you like it did to your friends. There is nothing wrong with that.
• Last but not least, Your Home Theater / Stereo setup is an investment and not an expense. The speakers generally last for years together and bring joy to you.

Happy buying!!!

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