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Ever yearned for personal, transcendental audio-visual or audio experiences in the warmth and familiarity of your own house? Perhaps a revamp or upgrade of your current home theatre? You have come to the right place!

We, Murali and Partha, as experienced home theatre consultants and distributors, are eager to help you in designing and/or executing your vision of a perfect home theatre. We can also tailor a multi-room audio and video system for you, capable of providing impeccable and unvarying quality of audio/video in all of the equipped rooms. We are the exclusive distributor of brands such as XTZ (Sweden), Power Sound Audio (USA), Tangent (France), Eltax (France), Monoprice (USA), ZVOX (USA), and IOTA (UK) electronics in India.

As passionate audiophiles ourselves, we understand the requirement to choose from a product list that ranges over different features. On that account, Surround Swar offers you a large assortment of products from the aforementioned brands and brands that are not included in our product list (brands that you might want that we do not deal in/distribute); all of them outstanding in its quality and value. We have products that can help you spruce up your house with a home theatre that fits your budget; products that fit right into your idea of a lavish and à la mode system, and everything in between.

Our solutions can be fully integrated into your environment and harmonized with your thought processes. We will collaborate with you, builder and/or interior designer to ensure an optimal solution to achieve a high quality user-experience.

Note that we also formulate plans that do not have to be executed at once. You can also build your theatre over time. Read more about this here –


Custom Home Theatre Rooms

The theatre is designed based on customer requirements and multiple variables ranging from room layout, space availability etc., The outcome is a well-designed home theatre that is attractive and functional, that elevates the user experience

Multi Room Audio and Video

A multi-room audio and video system enables the users to enjoy the music or video of choice no matter where they are in the home, with ease of use enabled by keypads and/or touch screens allowing operation of any function from any location.

Room Analysis, Tuning and Acoustical Treatment

A fine audio-visual experience not only depends on having an exemplary set of speakers for your home theatre, but also on how the propagated sound waves interact with each other based on the physical properties of an environment. Room Analysis, Tuning and Acoustical Treatment is essential to achieve a smooth, even frequency response at the seating locations within the room. A space/room can be altered before and during construction to optimize its acoustic behaviour.

Our Offices

Chennai: Plot #16, Mahalakshmi Nagar East Extn., 2nd Street, Adambakkam, Chennai – 600088

Coimbatore: Site #3, Athietha Avenue, Saravana Co-Operative Nagar, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore – 641035

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